Baby Buy of the Month


Take a peek at what is coming soon!

Hey everyone! Starting soon I will be doing a baby buy of the month post in tandem with the product reveiw page that will be up and running soon! If anyone has a specific product they are curious about either email me ( or leave a comment and I will get that on the list to review.

Thank you!


Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to Surviving the First Year!

This site is dedicated to helping parents get through the crucial first year of baby’s life. Like me, you may have asked yourself questions such as:

Do I really need that product?
How can I still make time for my significant other?
Is it normal for my baby to be doing that?
Why won’t my baby stop crying?

Any of these sound familiar? I have been there my friend and I am now here to help you navigate the first year of parenthood and help answer questions you may have.

Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to leave a comment where available or send any questions or comments to

Best wishes,